Podcast cover for The End of the Line (2020)

In Summer 2020 I was approached by inkjockey to design tthe artwork for their new audio drama production – The End of the Line.

The End of the Line is an audio drama that is being released in July 2020, consisting of 12 monologues, each by a female character. They all share one major thing which is that they don’t have children. Each of the characters are based on real stories, and just like the diverse reasons behind not having children, some of the stories are heart-breaking and some are laugh out loud funny.
I am really grateful I got the opportunity to work on creating the artwork for these series, as I believe that by exploring this topic we also have an insight into how we perceive womanhood in general and what ideas about a successful life we instill in women from an early age.

As I started working on the project, I had the chance to listen to two of the episodes, the intro song, and read Mark Heywood’s (the creative mind behind the project) personal statement about this project.

After I presented Mark with an initial mood board, palette of colours and three design concepts, all suggesting ways to illustrate that it is a series of independent monologues by diverse characters, Mark chose to move forward with the idea of a distorted portrait with a possibility of combining it with the fingerprints idea.

As I have presented Mark with some more quick digital sketches, it became clearer to which direction we should move – stepping aside from the fingerprints idea as the visuals were already busy, and instead combining the portrait with the more subtle red lines.
The client has also found the Sketch Version 2 reminiscent of his favourite painting by Picasso – Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, which became an important source of inspiration for further artwork development.

The final outcome aims to reflect a diversity in women as well as the variety of emotions behind their stories. While alluding to the title of the series, the red lines in the artwork can also symbolise so many things – bloodlines, umbilical cords or Moirai threads, questioning the ludicrous idea that women who don’t have children deprive a non existing person from having a life (a viewpoint explored in the series).

Thank you for reading!