Website redesign & illustrations for Apperio (2021)

In Autumn 2020 – Winter 2021 I had the opportunity to work on redesigning Apperio website as well as creating new illustrations for it.

My responsibilities on this project involved rethinking website flow to suit new target audience, designing new page layouts and interactions, and creating illustrations and icons for the website.

During the project I worked closely with Gabriel Albornoz (Head of Design) and Martina Zito (Senior Designer), who overlooked and guided the visual and UX design decisions made on this project. While the talented marketing team created and refreshed all the content for the website as well as consulted regarding the target audience.

The most exciting part of the project was rethinking the website flow. From focusing mainly on the clients from corporate companies, it has been adjusted to better accommodate potential clients from corporate, private equity and law firms. Therefore the final website flow is quite different to the previous design as it allows easy scalability of the “solutions” section of the website.

Working on the website illustrations and layout I aimed to keep the brand story and easy scalability in mind. I was excited to be able to further build on the concept of the header illustration when working on the animation for Apperio later in the year.

It has been wonderful to work on this project to this extent and at such an early stage of my career at Apperio. It is incredibly exciting to see the website live and to be able to keep contributing to it.



Thank you for reading!

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