Collection of short animations presenting the Apperio platform and use cases

Over 2021 and 2022 I worked on a series of short animations for Apperio that showcase the platform and illustrate its use cases.

To bring the illustrations to life I used Adobe After Effects. As I’m very new to animation, I tried to do my best in applying the skills that I learnt at the Motion Beast: Animation in After Effects and Modern Screenwriter courses by the Motion design school.

Design guidance and feedback by Gabriel Albornoz (Head of Design) & Martina Zito (Senior designer).
Voiceover copy by Alun Swift (Head of Marketing) & Georgia Kohaly-Hall (Marketing manager).

Drawing the storyboards.
Styling for the animations.
Animating the videos.



Turning voiceover copy to visuals

The animation process always starts by going through the voiceover copy with the marketing team. At this stage we discuss their ideas for the visuals as well as the research about the use case we want to animate.

Then I sketch out the ideas of what the animation could look like, adding some notes and visual references to the storyboard.

In this series of animations we ended up using characters to reflect our user personas. This also helped connecting the animations to the hero illustrations used on the Apperio website.

Some screenshots of the storyboarding process


Animation style that is consistent with the company’s visual branding

As soon as the storyboards were approved, I’d move on to the styling part of the animations. During this stage I aimed to follow Apperio’s design principles and the distinct visual style to continue building the company’s visual branding.

That said, some of the illustration details had to be altered to make them more suitable for easy animation.